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This year at, we decided to start the end of the year a little early. We booked a table on the 24th November and met for a festive lunch. It feels special to meet in person, to realise how much taller or shorter a new colleague is or to hug people we have not seen for months. There is no question that the (zoom) distance has made our hearts grow fonder.

Changing leaf colour. The Transition to Autumn

No end-of-year gathering is complete without bubbles, chocolate and the exchange of presents. In our case, we each received the gift of a storybook that felt just right. Regardless of where you are in the world over the holiday period, we wish you the joy of a good book, ideally one with pictures! Below are the ones we shared with each other. We hope our ‘Best suited to’ line helps you to select one for yourself or for someone special and, if you discover others along the way, please share them with us.

Can You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree?

By: Jane Godwin, Terry Denton (Illustrator)

Best suited to: those who believe in the impossible, or perhaps those who don’t quite yet.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

By: Paul Kelly

Best suited to: those with a dream or just the hint of an idea.

The Invisible String

By: Patrice Karst, Joanne Lew-Vriethoff (Illustrator)

Best suited to: those who feel a little lonely, a little separate from friends and family this year.


By: Pete Cromer

Best suited to: those who love birds, or simply colour and wonderful images.

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

By: Dr Seuss

Best suited to: those who are about to embark on a new path or adventure.

Just Because

By: Matthew McConaughey, Renée Kurilla (Illustrator)

Best suited to: those who need to feel understood and heard, and who enjoy seeing things just a little differently.

Your Head's Not the Place to Store Problems

By: Josh Pyke, Stephen Michael King (Illustrator)

Best suited to: those who hold their problems tight and close.

In My Heart l A Book of Feelings

By: Jo Witek, Christine Roussey (Illustrator)

Best suited to: those who can’t always quite find the word to describe how they feel.

Wishing you all a meaningful and happy holiday period.



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